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Music From Russia for Ballet Class

Discover amazing new music. The albums provides excellent tempos and accents, the signature of Roudnev's musical direction. This high quality, professional recording showcases all original classical ballet class music for barre and center work. It features clear tempos and strong accents, a trademark of all Roudnev's recordings.

Music for Ballet Class Vol 1 Beautiful Class Music Vol 2 Music for Ballet Class Vol 3


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 Favorite Classics of Ballet Vol 4

The Best Ballet Class Vol 5

The Ballet Class Vol 6

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"Original" Music for Ballet Class Vol 7 Recorded in Russia Vol 8

Piano Music from Russian Ballet School Vol 9

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Dmitri Roudnev Ballet Class Vol 10

Dmitri Roudnev's Ballet Class Vol 11

Recorded in St. Petersburg Russia Vol 12

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