Amy Newburn, mother of 16 yrs old ballet student

"Dmitri Roudnev is very talented in pointing out specific needs to each individual dancer. He is a master at teaching precise ballet technique.​ He points to the muscles they need to engage and gives ballet exercises to help create muscle memory to engage these muscles.​ Dmitri gives a lot of feedback both critiquing and complimenting the dancer to help them achieve beautiful ballet technique. His technique has helped my daughter greatly improve in her dancing, in her confidence, and even to help in recovering from an ankle injury.​ I would highly recommend Dmitri as a ballet instructor!"


Thomas Carlson, father of 17 yrs old ballet student

"It is truly astonishing to find a former Bolshoi Ballet member in this area giving private lessons. Our son has excelled under Dmitri's careful instruction. Dmitri is focused and concentrates on results throughout the entire lesson.​ No wasted time or energy.​ Just what you would expect."


Mother of Anna Graczyk, ballet Rockford, IL 

"This past year my daughter suffered an injury to her FHL tendon which caused her pain whenever she rose to relevé. After taking class with Dmitri, she started to notice changes in how her foot felt and in her technique as well. She loved the way his classes inspired her and how she could see her progress as a dancer throughout taking class from him. Now, my daughter’s injury has healed and she feels stronger in her alignment. Thank you Mr. Roudnev!


Lesley Young, Memphis, TN

"Every time I leave my lesson with Dmitri, I feel invigorated. Since working with him for the past couple of months, not only is my posture 100 percent improved, but also my confidence is the best it’s been in years and I walk better than I have in my adult life. I was in a traumatic accident as a young adult, and it affected my hip muscles and therefore my ability to walk.

Dmitri felt he could help me using his Ballet Method, and he was absolutely correct. I walk with much more ease and have incredible strength, not to mention Dmitri is delightful to work with. He makes our lessons interesting, fun, challenging, and it is the best workout I have ever experienced. I am extremely grateful for Dmitri and his Ballet Method."


Vadilen Semenov, ballet master at Kirov Theatre, teacher at American Ballet Theatre
Irina Kolpakova, prima ballerina of the Kirov State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet, ballet coach at American Ballet Theatre

"I have enjoyed and used Roudnev Ballet Class Recordings in my ballet classes for many years. The music on the recordings has a beautiful ballet style flow accompanied by danceable and exacting ascents, which any professional ballet teacher will find helpful for building a structured and productive class.

My wife Irina Kolpakova and I highly recommend these recordings, as well as its producer and ballet teacher Dmitri Roudnev."


David Branch, MMA, first and current holder of both the WSOF Middleweight Championship and WSOF Light Heavyweight Championship


"Always innovating and thinking outside the box I'm dedicating more effort into ballet! Dmitri is a high level hard core Russian instructor that does not take kindly to mistakes everything must be perfect!"


Rita Kaushanskaya, mother of 15 yrs old NYC ballet student

"Amazing, professional choreographer, excellent teacher, I saw an improvement in my daughter's technique after just one lesson. After third lesson she stopped complaining about her knee and back pain. She is now more productive in her regular ballet classes. I was very concerned about her pain and Dmitri is the first teacher we met, who can teach you how to enjoy dancing without fear of injury. I wish he was my daughter's teacher when she was 4 and just started dancing. Highly recommend and definitely coming back for more classes."


Maksim Marinin, 2006 Olympic Gold champion in pairs figure skating

"I have known Dmitri Roudnev since 2001 when my partner, Tatiana Totmianina, and I moved to Chicago USA to train under the supervision of the 1984 Olympics Gold champion I figure skating Oleg Vasiliev. Dmitri assisted us in preparing for many international competitions providing pre-season training, because figure skating training requires serious choreography work. Having danced with Bolshoi Theater, Dmitri Roudnev reworked ballet methods to suit our skating needs and adapting them to American models. Anybody striving to better themselves in ballet and choreography will benefit from training with Dmitri and achieve meaningful results. I consider ability to explain motivate, and help students progress an important talent. Dmitri definitely has it."


Barbara Devereau Teacher, studied at Royal Academy of Dance

"A very careful and conscientious teacher. Dmitri is not your run of the mill teacher but someone you can trust to teach you proper technique. A beautiful russian style dancer."


Luke Tacker , Dancer NYC

"I had been dancing for 22 years before I started with Dmitri, and he found me after I had had multiple ACL reconstructions and had suffered from chronic back pain for several years. Within just a few weeks of working Dmitri, his training alleviated the stress from my knees and the issues of my back. His method of teaching elongated and refined the lines of my body to such a degree I barely recognize myself, and the method allows me a range of physical expression I had not thought possible. Beyond the apparent technical advancement his training has granted me, I owe to him the ability I now have to dance without fear of further injury."


Olga Pavlova, Ballerina, Teacher

"Let me introduce you a friend of mine."

"At some point in their career every ballet dancer faces physical problems - pain and/or injury. A few years ago I used to work with Dmitri Roudnev and at the time it helped me to extend my career. I am still on stage and enjoying it. If you are ballet dancer and struggle with your body that is telling you to stop but you don't want to - you know who may help you . Good luck ! "


Felitsiya Shakola , Adult student

"Dmitri's class was exactly what I was expecting from NYC, but haven't experienced before. He teaches beautiful Russian technique with attention to correct placement and execution of the movement from head to toe. I really like how he explains the use of the back and arm muscles as well as the proper position of the head. This gives me an extremely elongated look and feels light and free due to proper tension. I also love the music that he uses which fits the exercises very well. In the class I don't feel pushed to do things I still cannot do, yet I see significant improvement."


Nadia Pushkina , Adult student

"Dmitri is a born teacher, passionate about his students getting better in ballet technique and inspiring them to work hard. He teaches with precision and clarity the classical ballet esthetics and musicality, giving a lot of corrections and guidance to the students. His syllabus is thoughtfully prepared, and he is able to arm his students with confidence to move. In a short period of time one would be able to learn a lot from him to become better at serious ballet technique."


Megan Wissler, Ballet Student

"Thank you so much for the lessons and help.
I learned so much from you and my knees and hips are no longer bothering me."


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