At the age of 10 Dmitri Roudnev was accepted to the world renowned ballet academy of the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow, Russia. The academy was established in 1773 by the order of Ecaterina II, Empress of Russia. The academy is one of the oldest educational institutes in Russia, with a large number of world renowned alumni, including Maya Plisetskaya, Vladimir Vasiliev, Mikhail Lavronsky, Natalia Bessmertnova, Asaf Messerer, Olga Lepeshinskaya and many more.

After graduation Dmitri Roudnev worked as a soloist at the Bolshoi Ballet under legendary choreographer Yury Nikolayevich Grigorovich. His time at the Bolshoi gave Dmitri unique dance experience and a knowledge base for teaching ballet.

In 1997 in the United States, Dmitri Roudnev founded the Ballet Intensive from Moscow, a student and teacher training program. The program was based at two US universities, Northern Illinois University and Michigan State University.

In addition to the Ballet Intensive program, Dmitri Roudnev became an off-ice ballet coach for the future Olympic gold medalist figure skating couple Maxim Marinin and Tatiana Totmianina.

At about the same time, Dmitri Roudnev produced his first album of Ballet Class Music. There are 12 different albums available today, and more then 35,000 copies have been sold world wide.

Based on the wisdom and maturity earned from his years of experience as a dancer and teacher, Dmitri Roudnev has developed a new method for mastering ballet technique. This method can benefit all levels of dancers who are eager to gain the most from their training.

  • Dmitri Roudnev trained for eight years at the renowned Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow, Russia.
  • Former soloist with the Bolshoi Ballet under the direction of the great U.N. Grigorovich.
  • Former director of the Ballet Intensive from Moscow (USA) at Michigan State University and Northern Illinois University.
  • Producer of 15 volumes of Ballet class music CD and video DVDs.
  • Off-ice ballet coach of 2006 Olympic gold medalist figure skating couple Maxim Marinin and Tatiana Totmianina.
  • Former artistic director of the Roudnev Ballet of Chicago and the Roudnev Youth Ballet.

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