• Class Music

    Class Music

    Roudnev Ballet Class Music available for download MP3

  • Private Lessons

    Private Lessons

    Indivudual approach for rapid progress in ballet dance

  • Ballet Method

    Ballet Method

    Offes to students accelerated progress in training, The method is compatible with any school or method

    There are several renowned ballet methods/schools: French, Italian, Russian (Vaganova), Danish (Bournonville), Royal Academy Dance (England), and the Balanchine style (USA).

    My method is unique and promise accelerated progress in training.

    It can be used as an additional tool to all the above listed methods/schools. The method is not in the conflict with any of those existing schools or their philosophies.

    The method can be also used for physical therapy in general, as well as a physical therapy specifically focused on ballet dancers with chronic injuries. I have years of experience in helping dancers with ballet related injury return back to their dance careers. The joy these dancers feel to no longer have hip injuries, back pain, sciatica, or shin splints is my greatest accomplishment.

    My method is based on my knowledge and experience as a student of the Moscow State Academy of Classical Ballet (Bolshoi Ballet) and on my later career as a professional ballet dancer and teacher in Russia and the USA.

    Roudnev Ballet Class Music Shop

    Music for Ballet Class Vol 1 Beautiful Class Music Vol 2 Music for Ballet Class Vol 3


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     Favorite Classics of Ballet Vol 4

    The Best Ballet Class Vol 5

    The Ballet Class Vol 6

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    "Original" Music for Ballet Class Vol 7 Recorded in Russia Vol 8

    Piano Music from Russian Ballet School Vol 9

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    Dmitri Roudnev Ballet Class Vol 10

    Dmitri Roudnev's Ballet Class Vol 11

    Recorded in St. Petersburg Russia Vol 12

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